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Meet the extraordinary top 50 finalists of the Global Student Prize. 
September  2021


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Global Student Summit
May  2021


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Chegg.org Global Student Survey

February  2021



The latest research on the modern student & the issues they care about.

We partner with organizations who are creating innovative solutions to help students realize their dreams.​ 

Chegg.org is the impact, advocacy, and research arm of Chegg addressing the issues facing the modern student. 

Where We Invest


We support first generation college students through scholarship programs designed to help students achieve their dreams of higher education.

EDU Nonprofits

We identify nonprofits directly supporting students and the communities impacting their success, and provide them with funding to help them strategically deepen their impact.


We partner with leading nonprofits and advocacy organizations to publish in-depth research about the latest issues students are facing.

Food Insecurity

No student should ever choose between eating and reading. We partner with innovative nonprofits who are fighting food insecurity at college campuses across the country.