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We stand for students.

The latest research on the modern student & the issues they care about.

We partner with organizations who are creating innovative solutions to help students realize their dreams.​ 

The Latest

Supporting Hunger in Silicon Valley Through Impactful Partnerships

The landscape for students is ever-changing. With the compound impact of both the rising cost of education and the rising costs of living, individuals and their families across our country are bearing a significant burden. One of the many results of this burden is that students are giving up food in order to pay for housing and their education. They are literally choosing between eating or reading. Our 2018 State of the Student Report showed that one in three college students find it difficult or impossible to know where their next meal is coming from and it was that research that inspired us to take action. The newly launched Chegg.org is focusing on these specific issues — issues that students have told us are the biggest concerns for them in their pursuit of higher education, because we want to show the world who the modern student really is and what challenges they face.

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Student Debt's Role in the Democratic Primary

College affordability has gotten more attention in the 2020 presidential race than in years past, as the rising cost of college has left Americans with a collective $1.6 trillion in outstanding student debt. The Chegg/College Pulse Student Election Tracker finds that Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren lead among college students in the Democratic primary, and a new survey highlights the impact of their student debt proposals. 

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Unlocking the American Dream: Student Debt Solutions for Our Future Workforce

A huge increase in student debt over the past two decades is affecting and disrupting American lives both financially and psychologically.

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Chegg.org is the impact, advocacy, and research arm of Chegg addressing the issues facing the modern student. 

Where We Invest


We support first generation college students through scholarship programs designed to help students achieve their dreams of higher education.

EDU Nonprofits

We identify nonprofits directly supporting students and the communities impacting their success, and provide them with funding to help them strategically deepen their impact.

Natural Disaster Relief

We know that far too often, schools and communities are impacted by natural disasters. We partner with DonorsChoose to support these communities in need.

Food Insecurity

No student should ever choose between eating and reading. We partner with innovative nonprofits who are fighting food insecurity at college campuses across the country.