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How to Practice the Self-Care Technique of 'Alone Time'

by The Jed Foundation

February 7, 2024

Are you meeting your basic care needs of food, water, rest, and hygiene? While obvious, these are often overlooked as reasons we don’t feel like ourselves. Some other things you can do include:

  • Make your living space comfortable, functioning, and nurturing;

  • Reorganize your closet space or any other cluttered spaces;

  • Create ways to make your space more enjoyable and comfortable (new pillows, rugs or other small splashes of color or accessories);

  • Decrease social media use if you feel yourself using it for self-comparison, self-hatred, or if you notice yourself feeling reliant on or “addicted” to your screen;

  • Take yourself on outings, “dates,” or take advantage of your alone time to cultivate special interests and do things you enjoy. 

For the full article, visit JED Foundation’s website.

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